Ball joints, Tie rod ends, Bushings, Hub bearing, Control arms, Bushings, Struts, Shocks, CV shafts.


Brake pads, Rotors, Calipers, ABS sensors, Speed sensors.


Fuel pump, Filters, Alternator, Sensors, Starter, Motor mounts, Cooling system.


Power door locks, Power windows, Switches, Regulators, Actuators, etc.

Sound System

Repair, Installation, AUX, backup camera, DVD installation.

Tires (coming soon)

Rotating, Mount, Balance, Fix flat tires. 

Mount/balance applies to new tires only


PA State inspection


Blow engine
Replacing transmission
Relplacing engine
Blow head gasket
Timing belt
Interior water pump
Any interior works in engine
Any interior works in transmisson
Exhaust system
Any vehicle over 200K mile

Some components in some vehicles 

Any vehicle sold within our inventory is eligible for TARP Program at the date of purchase or within 30 days after purchase date.


Walk-in customers' vehicles are welcome and have to be inspected in our shop for eligibility. This inspection is 100% FREE.

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