Auto Loan Application

Our application only takes a few minutes to complete. All we need is a little bit of your information so we can offer the best possible solution for you. After the application is filled out and submitted, you could hear back within minutes! Our team has you covered no matter what your credit situation.

After you speak to a representative about your options for financing, it won't be long before you pick up the keys to your car. Most of our customers have driven their vehicles home the same day they applied.


Thank you for your interest. If you didn't hear back from us within 45 minutes, please feel free to contact us 


Also, you may need to prepare the required documents


When you apply for a loan, please make the figures below appropriate in order to get a decent approval:

  • Price of the vehicle

  • Your down payment

  • Your credit (if any)

  • Your income

Some Tips:

Credit score doesn't matter as long you have a steady income.

Down payment must be at least 10% of the listed price in most cases.

Your monthly payment doesn't exceed 25% of your gross monthly income.

Refer to Q&A for more details.


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The minimum down payment required is the maximum of either the down percent required or the down dollars required as shown in the table below. Tax, title, registration, fees, and any other additional service are extra.


FICO Score

Down Dollars Required Down Percent Required
Low - 499 $1000 15%
No Score $750 5%
500 - 599 $500 5%
600 - Higher $250 5%

The bank/lender doesn't consider your credit score as much as how you are risky to pay off your vehicle

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