Required documents to finance

Come to our office with the required documents below to finance a vehicle. 100% Approval Guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.


The documents below must be exactly as


listed. Otherwise, please give us a call


 Valid driver license or identification card


Proof of income

  • W-2 income: Most recent paystub. Paystub must show:

        1- Gross wages

        2- Taxes, deductions, and contributions

        3- Net pay

        Please refer to the accepted pay stub below (sample) 

  • Non-W2 income such as self-employed, tips, 1099, etc.): Most recent three months' bank statements.
  • Fix income such as (SSA, SSDI, etc.): Yearly award letter.
  • Cash income: Last three months' bank statements.
  • Cash income without a bank account: Last three months employer canceled checks. 
  • We finance any other income such as temp job, unemployment benefit, child support, workers' compensation, etc. 


Proof of any additional income (if any)

It is case by case. For the required documents, please contact us.


Proof of residency

Any two of the following documents show name, address, and period of service less than 40 days old (Driver license may be used as one of these two documents if it shows your current address)


  • Full bank statement received by mail*
  • Full credit card statement received by mail*
  • Full store credit card statement received by mail*
  • Full cell phone bill received by mail*
  • Full last bill of electricity, water, cable, internet, ground line phone, garbage, etc.


*(online statement of any of the above is accepted as long it shows the name, address, and period of service)


Proof of auto insurance

A valid insurance card must be on hand at delivery. The insurance for the vehicle you finance must be full coverage with a minimum deductible of $500 Collision & $500 Comprehensive. 


Landlord information (if any)

Landlord name and phone number.


Last month checking or saving bank statement (Applies to some lenders)

It is not mandatory but it helps you get a better deal. It is required if you claimed that you have an account in your application. The bank statement must be the actual statement that is closed every month shows the bank logo, your name, and address (not transactions sheet)  


Bank routing number (if any)

It is more convenient to sign ACH (Automated payment). It is not mandatory. If you choose to do so, a bank account number or DR/CR card is required.



Note 1: Same documents are required for the co-applicant if any.

Note 2: These are the standard requirements but they may be slightly different in some cases.

Accepted pay stub must include 

  • Employee name
  • Pay period and date
  • Hours worked
  • Gross pay (Current period & TYD)
  • Deductions (Current period & TYD)
  • Taxes (Current period & TYD)
  • Employer contributions
  • Direct deposit information (If applicable)
  • Net pay (Current period & TYD) 

Any other go case by case.

The benefits of signing an automated payment (ACH)

Improve Credit

Customer For Life

Avoid Fees

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