Titan Auto Sales is not "Buy Here Pay Here". You finance through banks/ subprime lenders/ federal credit unions. It depends on your credit score.

100% Guarantee Credit Approval.


Financing a vehicle is not black and white. Down payment and monthly payment vary based on the situation of each customer. (residency, time and type of employment, income, debt, bankruptcy, repo, etc.)


The required down payment amount for any vehicle is not predetermined. It is case-by-case based on the borrower's situation. 


Down payment & monthly payment depending on the bank once approved. The lenders we deal with accept any credit as long as the borrower has income.


Generally, most of our vehicles are financed for around $300/mo. That is our target market. In order to get a decent deal, the down payment must be suitable to the price of the vehicle.

You will get approval no matter is your situation but how much your down payment and your monthly payment that we don't know unless you apply for finance.

These are the answers to the most common questions that were asked by the customers who plan to finance a vehicle.

How much my down payment should be?

Every customer scores differently depending on his income, job history, residency history, etc. The credit score is not the only matter; bad credit, no credit, and bankruptcy all are approved.

The down payment amount is calculated based on the listed price of the vehicle and your income. The lenders always review your income then determine how much they can let you borrow according to your income. This means the affordability or how much you able to pay every month for your car payment comfortably. The difference will be your down payment.


The monthly car payment can't exceed 25% of monthly gross income. 


Example: Let say the selling price is $8,000

Customer (A) makes $3000/mo. He can finance it for $1000 down and $250/mo.

Customer (B) makes $1800/mo. He can finance it for $2000 down and $200/mo.


Generally, in order to get a decent deal, you should pay 10% of the listed price as a down payment.

How much the monthly payment?

The monthly payment amount varies based on income, job history, the term of the loan, and the amount of the down payment. The higher down payment significantly reduces the monthly payment.

Do you take a trade-in? How much is my trade-in worth?

Yes, we take trade-ins but not over the phone, Facebook, or email. We must see the vehicle in order to appraise it accurately. Keep in mind that if your vehicle needs repairs that cost more than what we can sell it for, it isn't worth it to us. As long as we can fix it and resell it to our customers, we will give a fair offer.


Your trade-in must have a clean title and to be fixable at a reasonable cost. If your trade-in doesn't meet both, we will pay you what the junkyard will pay you. 


Sorry, we don't sell unreliable vehicles to our customers to maintain our reputation.

What type of income is acceptable?

We finance all types of income W2, self-employed, unemployment, temp, tips, child support, 1099, DDSI, SSA, etc. Any income you can prove with proof.

What is the minimum required income?

The minimum required gross monthly income is $610 to finance a vehicle. Otherwise, you will need a cosigner who has an income to reach the minimum required.

Generally, income should be adequate with the monthly payment.


Example: You can't finance a $10,000 car with $1,000 income unless you pay $4,000 down  

Is my loan reported to the credit bureau?

Yes, your loan is reported to the credit bureau. You will sign a "Retail Installment Contract". You will be able to establish or reestablish your credit by making your payment in time. With no plenty, you can pay it off anytime or pay an additional payment to the principal.

Is Titan Auto Sales "Buy Here Pay Here" dealer?

No, Titan Auto Sales is not "Buy Here Pay Here". You finance your vehicle through a bank/lender no matter what is your credit. No plenty or a termination fee for early payoff or any additional payment. No GPS or starter interrupter or any other type of device is installed in your car. No limited mileage or any kind of usage restriction. IT IS YOUR CAR.

How I pay my payment?

You have the options to pay monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a month. Also, you can choose the day you would like the payment to be made. When you sign ACH, the payment will withdraw automatically from your checking/saving account or debit/credit card. Also, you can pay online or by your smartphone.

Can I negotiate the price over the phone?

We don't negotiate the price over the phone or internet because you didn't see the vehicle or even listen to it running. Honestly, this is the worse way to shop for a used vehicle. However, everything is negotiable, but the best offer you can get is when you come to see the vehicle with the money in your hand. This concept applies to any business.

Can I get the tag & plate on the site?

All paperwork in house. Tax, tax, registration, and license plate.

We must see your trade-in to appraise it. Absolutely, we don't appraise it over the phone, the internet, or by photos.


If your trade-in meets our standard quality, we will pay you the NADA average trade-in value minus any cost to recondition or fix it in order to sell it to our customers and stand behind it.


If your trade-in doesn't meet our standard quality, we will pay you the wholesale price minus any expenses to sell it at the auction such as transportation, auction fee, etc.


If your trade-in is junk, not running, or costs to fix more than it's worth, we will pay you the junkyard price.



The title must be in hand.

We only trade cars and trucks. Other types of vehicles we don't trade such as bikes, ATVs, or any other recreational vehicles.

The table below shows the approx. down payment and the monthly payment of each price range for who has bad credit. Excellent credit in most cases is ZERO down.

Vehicle Price

Down Payment (Approx.)

Monthly Payment (Approx.)

Minimum Monthly Gross Income

Less than $4,000

Approx: $1,000 or Less

include Tax, & other fees)

Approx: $100 to $150/Mo. Minimum $600/Mo.
$4,000 to 6,000

Approx: $1,000 to $1,500

(include Tax, & other fees)

Approx: $150 to $220/Mo. $600 to $900/Mo.
$6,000 to 8,000

Approx: $1,000 to $2,000

(include Tax, & other fees)

Approx: $200 to $300/Mo. $800 to $1,200/Mo.
$8,000 to 10,000

Approx: $1,500 to $2,000

(include Tax, & other fees)

Approx: $200 to $300/Mo. $800 to $1,200/Mo.
$10,000 to 12,000

Approx: $1,500 to $2,500

(include Tax, & other fees)

Approx: $300 to $350/Mo. $1,200 to $1,400/Mo.
Over $12,000 Based on income Based on income Over $1,400/Mo.


The chart below shows the approx. down payment you should pay compared to the price of the vehicle in order to get a decent monthly payment. These figures are approx. and vary based on your credit

If you still have any question, please feel free to call us @ (570)542-5551

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