Repair & Inspection 

Now, we open our new repair department. Making money from our repair department is not our main goal. The main goal is standing behind our vehicles and help our customers maintain their vehicles at a low cost. (Welcome walk-in customers)




This is your cost if you choose our service:


 Diagnosis: FREE

 Cost of Parts: The same as we pay (welcome to bring your own parts). Unlike others making a profit margin of the parts.

 Labor: $40/HR (actual hours). Unlike others charging base on what the computer says. 


Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment. We are here to help.

Brake & Suspension


Brake pads, rotors, shocks, links, ball joints, arms, bushing, wheel bearing, etc.

Full Tune up


Filters, belts, spark plugs, coils, wires, timing belt, water pump, etc.

Check engine light


Diagnosis, repair, resolve problems.

Oil change


Engine oil, transmission fluid, filters.

PA State Inspection


Safety State inspection.

Over heating


Thermostat, water pump, radiator, hoses, etc.

Body works


Replacing door, fender, bumper, hood, etc.

Windows & Sunroof


Repair power and manual windows, sunroof, etc.

Sound system


Install and repair sound system.

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